These are the best questions

1.Fav animal you respect (describe in three adjectives).

2.Fav colour (describe in three adjectives).

3.You are in a dark room totally inclosed (describe in three adjectives).

4.Fav body of water (describe in three adjectives).

Send to my ask if you wanna know what these mean to you.


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That isn’t any thing like… Oh well

If You Were Born Today, May 31: Your clever mind and strength of character are traits that others tend to notice first, and that earn you respect. You are an engaging conversationalist, offering unique perspective on whatever topic is on the table. You are very capable and determined, and have a distinct traditional side to your personality. Famous people born today: Walt Whitman, Clint Eastwood, Joe Namath, Lea Thompson, Brooke Shields, Colin Farrell.

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I will be starting on a Pepakura (Paper)  Helmet (Halo) of course but send me a message to tell me which one you would like me to make.LOL

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I have fixed the problem that has been nagging at my mind for the past 10 days and during the Thanksgiving break, I renamed my Halo blog with my Gamertag. (Do not send me a request it does not work and I Have been banned(like I said in a different post) so I won’t be able to accept SRY… But then my school blog is fixed and named for my school talk but I do not care if you follow both. (THX teh griz)

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My first blog on tumblr was intended to be for my communication between my friends at school (wakeupandsmelltheozone) but I forgot to make a differnt URL for that one, my Gamer tag before I got banned(Howdydudes17)  from Xbox live (post in ask if you wanna know why) :( -but any way I would like to fix my mistake within the next week or two. I will be switching my URLS (wakeupandsmelltheozone, and Howdydudes17) to match which blog they were intended to be for. I will if need be write all URLS of friends and people I follow and my followers (sry) so if I mess up the rename I can refind yall again (sry about the trouble).

If you object to this within the next 20 hours I may not see it. This post will be queue-ed for 6a.m. through 9p.m. 3 post in that time so you can see it for the next 20 hours.

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Reblog this if you DON’T want the US Congress to “Censor The Internet.”



did they post this to get a million notes because im pretty sure everypony will reblog this

[[^Well that just got the MLP fandom in, now all you Doctors need to reblarg]]


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laughin in 1st hr.

I was walking into a very deep conversation and I was the end credits.

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Sixflags here i come

Found out that st Louis isn’t like Texas its so much smaller LOL life is good.

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Fable 2 and its benifits

Well I wouldn’t know were to start…

1) Your avatar doens’t have to be your sex

2) Most of the glitches don’t slow down gameplay

3) you can change the sex of your character for an achievement


5) scars make you look like your a beast

6) xbox live sucks when its taken away from you

7) you can kill almost anything with one flourish

8) parents think it is like a slow fairy tale and don’t realize you can have the deed

9) you can become completely heavenly then pure dirty like

and 10) I hate that you can’t just have cheat codes for all this…

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great day

I was having a great morning and then i realized i had to go to CW3 ugh then it didnt turn out so bad…. hope she is ok with us bring the photo story to school monday

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Food of the rainbow 

 Holy crap that looks delicious sry had a craving for pancakes this morning… Heehee.


Food of the rainbow 

 Holy crap that looks delicious sry had a craving for pancakes this morning… Heehee.

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thatcraftybird said: Are you a cingulomaniac?

I think so? But very toned down… LOL 


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Gargoyle or Goblin? and other stuff…

How does he make you feel? I made him bout 2 weeks ago.


DUDE IF I COULD FEEL THIS WAY EVERY DAY I WOULD NEVER BE IN NEED OF THE LIFE DRUG AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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